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The price seems about right for what you are getting.  It’s a shame he doesn’t offer an album or prints al a carte, as I’m sure he has a pro lab and products he likes that he trusts and is calibrated with.

This is my only worry really.  Leaving you to print seems simple enough, but it’s actually not so cut and dry to accomplish good prints as you might think.  In your shoes I would ask him about prints/album even if they aren’t part of the package, and be happy to pay him for it and all the work involved.

Be confident that 600 euros is a very fair and reasonable price for digitals and a full day of coverage.  If you still are iffy, then ask him to see an entire wedding he has shot.  It will give you a better idea of what you will receive, unlike the gallery of the best of the best from each wedding that you have already seen.