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Thanks for that JC, some valuable information there, appreciated.

I  found that paid advertising was less effective than using social networks so you’re right there! I use google+, twitter and more recently a facebook page (fnar). Which generate a decent amount of hits if i work at it. I sell very few though. My site needs resorting with some images taking out and possibly a new skin, which might be part of the problem.  I should work more on tagging and naming them too. I’ve a fair following of about 5,000 people across them all but I need to be more active in interacting with them.

People seem to like my images a lot (i know you’re not suggesting otherwise!) and I go well out of my way to find new stuff to shoot, namely street, macro and portraits, which I feel I’ve picked up a good eye for. I try to avoid the clichés or find niche stuff that people local to the shot would buy. So far i’ve not physically displayed my work though.

A few other photographers are featured on my site, I promote them and try and get them sales (of which they’d keep all the profit, minus production costs). It seemed quite a good way to generate traffic as well as get other people’s work out there.

Do you mind if I ask what you do supplier-wise?  I use zenfolio, they have several printers who’ll produce framed prints, canvas wraps and other more novel stuff, the price varies per supplier, as does the quality. The base prices are high though. If I sell a 10″*8″ print with no mount for £16 I only make about £4.60, is this usual or am i best to source prints myself?

Oh, this is my site btw.


Thanks for the advice thus far, it’s very much appreciated.