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Very nice 🙂  I never had an image of whiskey make me thirsty before lol But, I think I might have to pour a glass of tea after seeing this.  The lighting is superb.  What are you using as your backdrop/environment?  I’m currently looking for some black tile/slate (not sure what to call it) and it looks as though I may have to have it cut for me somewhere that sells and cuts rocks for counter tops, construction and whatnot.  My product photography sucks.  I wanted to have pictures up of my finished products for people unable to see in person.  I want to be able to help them visualize online and give them some sort of perspective as to size 8×10 vs. 20×30 and how the piece will look in their home, but what I ended up with was incredibly bad.  I figure I have no right to have a site asking people to invest more into my work, if I can’t even photograph it properly lol I’m working on it though.