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The shinny black surfaces are more for me to play around with and make pretty stuff look prettier. Thank you so much for the ideas :). I’ll figure something out because I have ideas in my head that I can’t follow through with without it. It’s driving me nuts.
I thought a lot about my stupid product shots today, and I came to the conclusion, that I’m just sloppy and lazy.
I think what really goes wrong when I try to shoot my finished work, and different mountings I want to sell, is that I don’t treat it well. I don’t think of it as photography like I should. I take short cuts and I’m sloppy with it because I’m not into it. Example: I use auto WB instead of setting it properly. Use my hand to hold products instead of properly securing them/propping them/posing them. I use aperture priority instead of fiddling, and I don’t take too much care with lighting. I also didn’t stage well for any of my wall shots. I think if I really take my time and take it more seriously I’ll be much happier with the results. I really shouldn’t procrastinate any longer, suck it up and get it done. Who knows? I might even end up enjoying it. There IS an art to it for sure and I was wrong to think otherwise.