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Thank you cameraclicker, but I wouldn’t really want to drink this!

It is actually a mix of soy sauce and water matched to the real stuff! I find that whiskey really doesn’t photograph that well! Must be working if it looks good enough to swill!

I have the good stuff stored in the ol’ tried and true Mason Jar! But more importantly? This stuff is $50 a dang bottle! No way I’m splashing that all over the studio! Not to worry though! I’ll be happy to buy you a drink (of the real stuff) someday!

Never tried your plastic sheeting. Interesting though. I’ll give it a shot next time I need a seamless set.

Einsteins in the studio CC. Can’t beat ‘em for short duration. I have some other stuff with even higher velocity drops/splash and these things nail it. Cost about as much if not less than branded speedlights. And they provide enough power for what I do.  The only other choice I have found (Broncolor) I’m not about to shell out for!  And they don’t provide as short a duration.

It would have been a complete PITA for me to shoot this with speedlights. I can’t zero in where I want my highlights on the glass, liquid, embossing, labels, cap, ice, etc. easily or quickly with them.

Here is 100% from the finished full res .jpg. and downsized again from there. Still looks pretty good even after all that resizing.