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When I suddenly lost sight in one eye, and found out that my good eye most likely will suffer the same fate, I thought “I can do this.  I will do everything I can to save my vision and be vigilant about going to the doctor, and I will take the steps necessary to make sure I will live a good life”….Then I panicked!  MY CAMERA!!!!  MY PHOTOGRAPHY!  and I mourned, and worried and avoided my camera for months.  I didn’t want to find out I couldn’t do it, or that it would be different.  Then a friend showed me this video

So Pete Eckert is very high on my list.  If that guy can do what he does, and create such wonderful, touching, technically challenging images, I most certainly can still goof around and fulfill my photography needs.

http://www.peteeckert.com/ If you are interested in his whole portfolio


I also found other blind photographers that inspire me to keep going



What’s strange is I am attracted to darker moody photographs like Lee Jefferies, but I shoot the complete opposite, and can’t even picture myself even trying to attempt to shoot in this direction at all (like I even could lol).  I think it’s mostly because I lost some color, detail, contrast, and depth because of my glaucoma, and I miss seeing like I used to.  So for my own shots, I like light, light, light, vivid colors, sharp focus, detail, shallow depth of field, and lot’s of macro.


His photography is absolutely amazing!!!  I need tissue and a good 4 hour block (at least) to view his photos.


I also like Zack Arias a whole whole bunch.  I like the way he speaks, teaches, and thinks photography.  Very cool dude, who doesn’t seem to abuse his platform at all.


Just your plain everyday, run of the mill “old school” photographers.  Ya know, those awesome people that have been documenting lives and taking portraits for decades, and can make all sorts of bad situations work without a hitch.  Their versatility, skill, and experiences….well  I covet them.  I want to be able to shoot like that, and share stories like theirs.  But, mostly I LOVE to learn from them.