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I can’t even think of the names of any photographers or people that have inspired me.  I just have always loved photography, but never had the chance to get into it until recently.  Around thanksgiving last year, a ex-coworker of mine called me out of the blue.  She had been looking at all my pictures on Facebook.  They were all taken with my phone’s camera.  She said she felt I had an eye for photography, and wanted to give me a chance to explore it a little more.  She then lent me her DSLR, a tripod, and other accessories till about February this year.  In that time I took well over 3000 photos of just about everything I saw.  I carried the camera everywhere and tried to learn all the little functions and explored how each scene or subject could be shot in so many ways.  Around tax time I had decided that I knew what my return was going towards.  I filed as soon as my W2 came out so I could order my own camera quickly.  I am still taking photos of everything I see, and still learning on a daily basis.  I guess it is my ex-coworker that enabled me, if not inspired me as well.