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My problem is what he titled the 16 year old younger sister’s album. Keep in mind that he is a middle aged man. I found this unprofessional and just plain creepy.

Do you find it creepy that she’s capable of having sex and producing children?

Is it creepy when a 16-yo voluntarily engages in sex, versus an 18-yo? Is it creepy when a 16-yo voluntarily dresses up in sexy clothes because s/he wants to? Do they suddenly become sexual at 18 when it’s not creepy, but not 16? That’s what the law says, but now you’re equating LAW with MORALS. And who makes laws? Politicians, who are not known to have good morals. So here you are, espousing what politicians say, and telling us that our morals as photographers should be dictated by them.

That’s creepy.


I’ve shot a ton of models, many as young as 15. I require a parent be present and agree to all wardrobe. A while back, being unmarried at 18 was a spinster. And today’s teens are reaching puberty faster, some in the single-digits. That doesn’t mean they’re emotionally mature, but “sexy” is only a physical description. Is it creepy that 16-yo’s listen to the Beatles song, Sexy Sadie?


I’ll agree that it would be extremely creepy if she had not hit puberty, or was somehow emotionally or mentally incapable. That’s obviously not the case. It has parental buy-in, it has her buy-in, and she’s not emotionally challenged or pre-pubescent. There’s clearly no possibility of exploitation going on, so I find your objection objectionable.