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The larger versions look much better than the two-in-one I say previously.

If she really looked that orange in daylight, then it is up to you whether to keep her colour and display her accurately, or desaturate yellow and orange a bit to make her a little whiter.  You don’t want to go too far and get a zombie.

Presumably the key light is the window, the continuous light is fill.  If your subject is against a wall, you will get a shadow unless you light the wall separately.  If the room is too cramped, a different space may work better.  My personal preference is strobes because I find continuous lights are not bright enough for the camera and too bright for the model’s eyes.  Like in sunshine, many tend to squint.  You probably want a couple of stops between key and fill to provide some shadow to give a 3D appearance.  If both sides are lit evenly, it can look flat.  Usually windows facing away from the sun are best.