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I didn’t actually sharpen the whole image, I only did sharpen the eyes.  I think it may be distortion from me messing with the sizes and everything?

http://s14.postimg.org/moiyktfrl/IMG_6080.jpg  that’s the original

http://s11.postimg.org/ouade1ab7/IMG_6080.jpg  and there’s the after.


I see the the white spot on the shoulder that I think is the one you’re referring to and I think the one in the hair, which I’ll edit out.  I’ll try that with the lines under her eyes.  I’m so back and forth about what looks better with those.  I tried to tone down her skin, like remove some of red tint I thought it had, but there’s more I can do.  These kids are so tan and then layer that thick orange looking makeup on, I just don’t understand it.  As for the lighting, I have a hard time with studio lighting, but maybe I could remove the shadow.  I think of those shots I have there’s maybe only a couple other ones with a shadow, so not many suffered because of that.