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Thanks to all of you for your responses.  Nesgran, I think I will do that.  To be honest, I never thought about it because I thought the color looked exactly like it did to my eye without the camera, but it would change when I edited them.  I’ll definitely be looking into color.  There’s a lot of things I seem to habitually warm up just because I like to to be a little warmer.  Jones, that location is two blocks away from my house, so next time I have a chance and it’s nice (it’s been raining here the last couple of days) I’ll try out that lower angle.  Cameraclicker, thanks for posting those.  With her face I’m going to try to get closer to that, I think I can do it.  Ebi, it is tricky.  For me, I feel like this excessive makeup and dark skin is more difficult than dealing with more fair skin.  I’m going to take everything into consideration and rework most things, and try to be more subtle and natural.