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the re edit on the girl is better but that is not saying much considering how bad it was. you still missed a lot of big stuff and still went a little too far. 100% opacity clone tool on the bigger bumps. I really don’t think you need to do more work than that. Skin work is tricky. Back when I used to retouch, I would spend a good 6 hours on one image of a models face. Essentially what you are doing is dodging and burning the dark areas and the light areas so that wrinkles become subdued and the skin tone looks even. throughout the image. It’s way too much work for senior portrait type stuff…but for magazines, it’s a requirement. Of course, girls see images in magazines and wonder why they can’t look so perfect…It’s a bit ridiculous

The baby tossing photo needs some magenta sucked out of it. Otherwise I like it. I don’t know how the right side got flared, but I didn’t mind it.