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Thanks Bill.  I’m happy to take the constructive criticism and work with it to improve.   I am definitely going to revamp some things on my website and facebook and be more selective about what I post.  I would love to take some classes of some sort, or maybe try to find someone to kind of shadow, especially when venturing on into new types of shoots.  I am completely self taught and it just leaves so much room for error it’s ridiculous.  And thanks for the comments about the charging people.  I don’t think I’ve ever just plain out called myself a “professional” photographer.  Honestly I feel silly getting money for something that I love to do and would do anyway.  I don’t ever make myself out to be more than I am.  People see my work before, and see the work they would be receiving and then pay me, if they do at all.  I would never take someone’s money that was not happy with what they receive.  I would sooner re-shoot or just give them their money back.  As for the whole kit lens thing, I completely agree.  After experimenting with my kit lens for a while, I wanted something more.  I bought a 55-250mm zoom with the same basic abilities as my kit lens, and it still wasn’t what I wanted, although it was nice to have it when walking around town exploring.  I finally got the 85mm that I discovered would fit my current needs, and it has become my favorite.  Then after discovering that was too long for some things I bought a 50mm, which I also like.  I like having the prime lens a lot more than the zoom lately, and haven’t willingly used that kit lens since the last time I was working indoors and found I was tight for space and my 85mm couldn’t work for that.  Hopefully one day I’ll be able to actually call myself a professional, but for now I’m working on everything else.



That’s the last photo I took which does not have a person in it.  If anyone wants to give me some input on that also that would be great.