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Getting critiqued can be hard, but in this business you have to develop a thick skin or get used to kiss asses telling you that your great, even if your not. You have potential, but you need to learn some self-discipline when posting photos.
We, the public, perceive you by what you present to us. If you present crap, we think you are crap, get it. This is why it is so important to only present your best work forward. We all take bad photos, I have a hard drive full of them, from over the years, but you don’t see them anywhere.

We all start from zero, I think I said that before somewhere, I degress…
We all have to start somewhere, it’s how we progress that defines our work. Photography os a fickle business that is highly subjective and objective. Everyone is a critic and everyone is an expert, well almost everyone.

Trust me Aperfectcircle, I give it out even to the super-pro photographers, way more experienced then myself. Should have seen the look on a photographers face when I asked a curious question of why he chose to take a macro photo of a flower instead of focus stacking one. The flower was nice, but I am always curious when people go one direction rather than the other.

Anyway, back to you, I’ll call you APC to save on typing.

I have really don’t have a problem you charging people for your time, as long as you are up front about your skill level and such and as long as you are not mis-representing yourself to others. I think thats what drives most of us crazy is when these “Fauxs” just grab their magic box [a.k.a. a camera] with their kit lens and get 1 good photo out of 1500 and suddenly they are “Pro.” It just doesn’t work that way.

Going to art school, should help you with design and layout, but I have seen way too many “Art grads” who can’t frame a photo to save their lives. My brother went to art school and he is an IT professional, just saying.