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Thank you!  And I agree, they are a bit over edited.  She’s a beautiful girl but her skin had quite a bit of bumps and wrinkles that I couldn’t quite fix without going over it like that, but now that I think of it, I may try to just do several layers at a lower opacity to try to give it a more natural smoothness.  As for her eyes, I won’t lie, I did it on purpose.  I like how it kind of draws you there, but after a few of them, I started toning it down some, and got to a point where there was a perfect subtlety to it in a few of them.  They were already beautiful to begin with.  But I’m not finished with her session yet, in fact I just had it on Saturday, so I still have time to redo some things editing wise if I need to.  Question though, did you have any thoughts on the indoor lighting?  I honestly haven’t worked with it all that much, and have been reading up on it and trying new things, but have no opinion other than mine on how it looks.