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You’re Welcome Aperfectcircle

Keep printing/finishing.  You’re definitely having color issues (among everything else that was discussed with you), wether at this point you believe so or not.  I think learning more about color management and regularly finishing your work will help you have a better understanding, and get you more on track color and editing wise.

As far as everything else you discussed in your last reply.  Yep, pretty much anybody who starts sharing and makes it known that they are learning/interested in photography will get inquiries and requests, and yes, it can be quite overwhelming.  It’s how all fauxtography businesses are born.  It’s up to us as photographers to take personal responsibility for what we do and put out there.  Otherwise we are in business taking advantage of people’s emotions and love for one another, instead of making money with our skills and expertise.  You know you have a lot to learn, you know your not up to par and have a lot of work ahead of you.  Wouldn’t it be more honest and more productive to say “no” and spend more time learning what you need learn to give reliable, consistant, professional, quality service and finished products?  THEN, go into business shooting for others?  and I highly doubt your clients asked to be orange or magenta, and have their skin change color and exposure throughout their sessions.  There’s no way any of these images could be displayed on a wall together and have a cohesive, clean, professional look.  Sorry, just being honest over here

and WTF I ask for critique on portraits I KNOW don’t work all the time.  It helps me pin point what went wrong, and see past what is blatantly wrong with it, and see other faults that also help me improve and have a more successful session next time I set up.  I think sometimes it’s more helpful to put up work for critique that we know isn’t working rather than our very best and personal favorites.  Not in every instance of course, but any critique holds the potential for learning and improving.