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I do print my work, and they turned out beautifully, in my opinion.  And basically, because people asked me to.  I started taking photos and posting them, just as personal work, and I started getting people asking about it.  Then, asking about pricing and things like that, so I made it available to them.  They always see everything first, and don’t have to pay me.  But it’s there.  I would never take anyone’s money if they weren’t satisfied with something.  Everything just kind of started happening and it became a little overwhelming.  I ask them what they want and they tell me, and I give it to them.  These girls specifically asked me to do them.  Vanessa even had someone else scheduled initially and then asked that I do it instead because she liked mine.  It’s not specifically to my taste, but it’s what they want.  I’m always looking to improve, and better represent my style.  I’ll be the first to admit a lot of it isn’t fantastic, but there are some that I really do love, and I’m going to be more selective about what I “showcase,” basically.  To answer someone’s question from earlier, I thought of my name because I couldn’t think of anything that didn’t sound ridiculously cheesy to me.  I did not want to be known as “Something Blah Blah Photography.”  I was offering more than just photography when I decided on that, doing custom images, and just recently took it off my website when I redid it.  But if these people want me to photograph them and their families, they know what they’re getting into before-hand.  I do not mislead anybody or misrepresent myself, and they are aware of my previous experience or lack thereof.  All I was asking for was some objective opinions and constructive criticism.  Thank you to those who responded with that.