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“I feel like I’m in need of a more technical understanding than what I’ve acquired in this short time”

Yet, you are in business?!  I’ll never get that.  It makes no sense at all to me.  Why would you do that to people, and ultimately to yourself and your future  business?  STOP IT!  Don’t solicit.  Shoot for yourself and your learning process, not for others.  Take the time to learn how to make photographs first.  Give yourself a fighting chance to actually make it someday or at the very least become the best photographer you can be wether amateur or pro.

Have you calibrated?  Have you made prints to help you understand color and check for quality and consistancy in your work?  If not that’s is your very next step.  Printing will help your editing, and your shooting and it’s a fundamental that should never be skipped.  Start printing, get calibrated, understand white balance and color mangment.  Stop with the heavy editing, and work on getting things right in camera.