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My advice will be similar to ebi’s.

1. revert all your edits, you’ve ruined the photos
2. in portrait rotation you have too much room above the heads of you subject, try cropping to 5×7 instead
3. sort out your skin tones, you need to be able to line up all the shots and they should all look pretty much the same, erika goes from magenta to green to overexposed which is not good given there’s only three photos in there.
4. Don’t chop people off unnecessarily, vanessa when she is on her side you’ve chopped half her feet off and in another her fingers. Your framing in general is off, it is maybe a quarter image too high quite consistently
5. Some of your black and whites of vanessa looks mottled
6. Don’t put b&w and colour version next to each other
7. Make sure eyes, not eyebrows are the sharpest.
8. If you do close portraits, make sure there isn’t a lot of flaky make up
9. Don’t do portraits in the middle of the day unless there is a very specific reason for it.
10. Stop advertising that you take photos for money until you’ve sorted above out, especially don’t do any weddings. I’d recommend you to refund the seniors. You are part of the way there, your photos have a nice general ambience but you fall short on a number of things that you should have seen yourself before you came here.