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Sadly no, the old canon mount is FD which has a shorter flange distance than the EF system which means you can’t use an adapter without correcting optics. The EF system came in the late 80’s I think and a good quality adapter is going to cost more than other manual options, even if you have lenses from that era. If you want an adapter ed mika is the way to go but is only really worth it if you sit on some L primes from that era.

I would suggest you get a fotodiox M42 to EF adapter off amazon. Focus confirmation chip is optional but I find the ones without mess less with metering, use spot metering. Then go on ebay and get yourself a nice M42 mount lens, anything made by Carl Zeiss Jena (DDR version of CZ) is going to be pretty good, most helios models are good of which the Helios 44 versions are the most common. The helios 44 is a 58mm f2 lens built on a zeiss biotar formula so it has a few special characteristics. It is decently sharp wide open, let’s call it flatteringly sharp if your friends are a bit spotty :). The bokeh is also very special, as a result of the construction it gets a slightly odd swirly bokeh but this is most apparent on a full frame body. Below is a link to a photo I took a couple of weeks with just that lens and a 400D (this combo is small enough to fit in my coat pocket). I’m guessing it is around f2.8 certainly less than f4 as I tend to stay at 2.8. So if you want my recommendation get yourself a Helios 44. The 44-2 has a bit of a funky pre-set aperture and no aperture stops whereas the 44M and 44-4 have normal aperture rings which takes less getting used to if you’ve used manual aperture before.

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