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Thanks for the suggestions!

So, when you do a 365 or a 52 week (or even a 30 day) project, do you do theme work or is it just photos? Do you find yourself looking for a great shot or taking multiple shots and choosing your favorite?
I’ve never taken on anything like that before so I’m just curious how it works.

ModelMayhem seems like it would be awesome to get in on, but I get super nervous around new people. I’m working on it but I’m not at a point where I feel like I could totally direct someone with confidence (other than people I know). I really need to throw myself into the social aspect of it and just learn how to communicate and connect with clients – and that will really only come with experience. Alarnold, in your experience have you found that the models on there are in the same boat or will they be put off by that?

Also, do you ever turn anywhere specific for inspiration?
I feel like trying to “recreate” an image might help me learn how to achieve technical aspects of images I really like, and I would never put those in a portfolio, but do you feel like that is too slippery a slope?