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For those who are not too curious, your profile has your web page:  http://www.adamklempke.com, and your contact page takes one to other pages.  Those taking the trip can see the model you posted here in different poses and with different levels of retouching.

Like the others, I think the one you posted here is over processed.  Most of my models are never going to see 50 again, and you retouch more than I do!  And, a watermark is a great way to ruin a photo.  Those who are good with Photoshop can get rid of a watermark in a few minutes.  Those who want to steal your photo are probably not that good with Photoshop, but they can make your photo a lot worse in a few minutes while trying to get rid of the watermark.  If your watermark is clear but unobtrusive, at least some of those who try to steal your work will not realize it is there and will leave it for the rest of us to find.

Your lighting diagrams look like they were done with a tool like Visio.  They look great.  That gallery is a nice touch.

http://www.adamklempke.com/33rv7hippl7johth3711d7lxws5tfu has something on the right side painted over in black that is blacker/different texture than the rest of the background.  It looks like you are trying to hide an umbrella.

To Bill’s comment #2, the catch lights suggest clam shell lighting.  That didn’t bother me.  What I noticed was her eye colour matches her scarf.  I thought that was good.

If you are using Portrait Pro as WCS suggested, a similar tool, or plug-ins, it is time to do your own editing.  Your models are all young enough that a few seconds with a healing brush should solve blemishes.  Sometimes less really is more.

Welcome to the group