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Just going by this one image, not bad, but there are some re-touches that need to be done.
Emilee already pointed out the obvious finger motion blur, it is distracting, but can I make some other suggestions later.

All I see is 1 image. Not bad but we’ll get to that. 1 image is not enough to make a very good judgement or offer any kind of valid constructive criticism for. Not trying to break you down or make any bad comments but we need more. A small selective series of your best work. It doesn’t have to be your entire portfolio, but enough images to get a feel of how your style and technique pan out on the images that you take.
I would suggest to collect a small series of your best images that convey your sense of style or what you feel expresses you as a photographer. Most of us here that chime in are probably portrait photographers, but I know from past posts that several are experts in other realms of photography.

Okay, for the image at hand, at first glance it is a fine portrait, not bad at all. If I were to scrutinize the image, here is what I would suggest in my opinion.
1st – remove the watermark or relocate it. All I can see on this beautiful model is a Hitler mustache that is your watermark. It’s fine to add the watermark, but not at the sake of the image.

2nd – It looks like you used a soft-box on top and a bounce card or white reflector at the bottom. While this gave you good lighting on the models face, to me it created distracting catchlights in her eyes, just my opinion. I like seeing catchlights in the eyes but sometimes they don’t make sense, but it depends on the style and the model.
I would have probably used a ring-flash for this and positioned the catchlight exactly over her pupil for maximum effect, but that is just my take.

3rd – not knowing what your model and knowing her complexion short of the image at hand, I see something under her right eye, not sure if this is a mole or beauty-mark or what, could be the pixelation of the image.
Also just above the tip of her nose, I would have repositioned the light or touched up the edge a bit.
The skin looks a little too smooth, but again, not knowing your models actual “live” complexion, I am just pointing this out.

Okay, I was maybe nit-picking just a bit, but this was the only image that I could see, hope this helps. I would like to see more, but in a better, higher resolution version, not a facebook version. Facebook does some strange things to images, so some of what I and maybe others point out maybe be due to the “Facebook effect”

Keep shooting and welcome.