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The higher res version was certainly a lot better with better colour.

As for a couple of small crits, like others have said the catch lights are distracting and I’d say get rid of the bottom catch lights.

The watermark is not in a good place. What you could do which would also make it much harder to get rid of is to place it on the darker section of her scarf under her chin. Curve it to let it follow the shape of the scarf and it will both blend in better but also be more visible but less intrusive. If this doesn’t make sense I’ll show you what I mean.

As for the photo in technical terms, I would say that you could have stopped down a little more than f5 as the tassels on the scarf are slightly soft.

I had a look at some of the other photos and they are all technically sound and well composed. You are probably at a stage where you need to sit down with someone for a one to one crit with the images printed 8×10 or so.