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I picked up a copy of your post from youpic.com and made some adjustments.  Mostly I ran a burn tool over her hand because it was a little too bright and was competing with her face for my attention.  I also replaced your watermark.


I’m not sure a bigger, more complicated watermark is a solution.  It does depend on why you are watermarking.  I used to hate watermarks.  My thinking about them has “evolved” with the discovery that sites like Facebook remove EXIF data.  There is a company that sells invisible watermarks that can be traced over the Internet and even in printed and photocopied materials if they are scanned again.  What no one can see, no one is likely to remove.  On the other hand, if we see an image we think might be stolen, it is easier to report it if there is a clear unobtrusive watermark.  The challenge is to put it somewhere it won’t be cropped off, yet does not affect the overall effect of the image.

Oh, and since you are new, I will mention if you click the thumbnail, it will take you to Flickr where you can see the full sized image.  Let us know you have seen it and I will take it down in a day or two.