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My first thought (specifically while looking through the baby photos) is: EVERY SINGLE PHOTO has a filter applied to it. I looked and looked and found a few that might have not been over-saturated, but I wasn’t really sure. Every photo was either “aged”, “black and white”, “over-saturated”, or a combination of those. Professional photographers apply filters to maybe 5% of their photos (with the exception of B&W). When I see multiple albums with 95%+ photos with filters, it SCREAMS fauxtag!

Using filters is not a bad thing but it should not be overused (or, more specifically, they should only be used when there is a reason to use them). Fauxtags use filters not to enhance photos but to hide the flaws in their photos (IE: their inexperience).

So, the next time you apply a filter to a photo, ask yourself: “Is this filter enhancing (adding to) an already good photo, or is it hiding flaws in a photo that it was not good to begin with?”