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What I don’t get is you admit you are new and need to learn and work harder, yet you are in business selling an expertise, you don’t yet have….  Why?  Instead you should work on your photography.  Learn the foundations of photography  first, then the foundations of business.  It’s not necessary to have a “clientele” or a million faces to work with when you are first starting out.  Now is not the time for “portfolio building”.   No need for people to get taken advantage of, or you yourself to be taken advantage of.  Use objects, and willing family members to teach yourself lessons.  Learning lighting and exposure and in camera work doesn’t require tons of people invested in your photography, to achieve.  No need to “advertise”, market, or seek out “models” when you are just learning the basics of photography.  My suggestion is, to slow down.  Shoot for yourself, not others.  This step alone will improve your photography immensely .