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I have a good friend who’s a faux. She has no idea. She’s in business, and the whole nine. She has seen YANAP and other pages like it, and can see fault with other people’s photos, just not her own I guess? She also has seen plenty of wonderful photographs that I sure leave her in awe just like the rest of us, but… She can’t see her own? She enrolled in an online for profit scam school, and has been going for well over a year. She’s passing with flying colors (of course! It keeps the money rolling in) She, honestly, and with all her heart thinks she’s doing everything right. She cannot see it any other way. Eventually (she has told me of her interest) she may even have enough confidence in herself and her skills to actually attempt to teach others what she has “learned”, thus, completing the faux circle of life.
I honestly thought I would see some improvement over time, but unfortunately she doesn’t accept or ask for any criticism, and is just happily at a standstill. Still not nailing focus or exposure, still having a wonked out time with color, still letting people pose themselves, and don’t get me started on her misuse of light. It’s painful to watch really.
Just one example of many:
She posted one of her school assignments with the caption “I finally found my subjects!” (It was to be a still life character study of fruit or vegetables. Humanizing inanimate objects)
It was a blurry, what looked to be cell phone shot of three pears. So I commented “Oh yay! Pears make great characters! I can’t wait to see what you do with them!”
Only to be told that what I was looking at was already turned in as a complete assignment. (She received an A for her out of focus sloppy still life)

Even though, I know her very well and love her dearly… I still don’t get it. How can she not see? It’s a very strange phenomenon/enigma.

I think there are several different types of fauxs, and my friend is just one type of many, but I find all of them…even the ones just out to scam money and don’t even use their own photos in their port, just out right bewildering.