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I don’t think portfolio building means what you think it means, or… I get the feeling you’re stuck and “portfolio building” is being used as a way to protect yourself against failure, because you don’t think you’re good enough. Here are some links that will help get you thinking, and on a more successful track. Get your real prices out there. They should be posted, so your clients know what your prices really are while portfolio building.

How to build your photography portfolio {and when to open for business}



I don’t see you as a fauxtographer As far as your photography goes. Yes, you have some things to work on. I can see that your experience level isn’t very long, but I can also see your potential. The feeling I get when I look at your pages is … She’s working her butt off for pennies, all because she’s trying to do the right thing. She sees she needs help, and isn’t as good as she would like to be, so she under charges and shoots like a maniac to try to stay afloat, all the while getting overwhelmed, and possibly a little burnt out. You came here thinking “please don’t think I suck., because I have to make some changes and start charging more”. Am I right?
Yep, you probably jumped the gun and opened up shop too soon, and hind sight it would have been better to wait until you had a better handle on things. Coulda shoulda woulda. Thing is it doesn’t matter how you got here. All that matters is that you don’t stay here.
(Ignore the title. It’s a little harsh, but it’s a great read, and I think you need to hear it)

Dear cheap-but-good photographer: you are ruining my life and this industry

You’re either in business to make a profit/living or you’re not. Quit goofing around. And I say this with kindness not malice