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Lot of overprocessing, especially oversaturation.

You need to concentrate on seeing light, specifically seeing shadows. Faces need certain shadows, and you’re overprocessing them to a fault.

While I don’t expect to see your work on the front of this webpage, you need a lot of work on camera control, especially exposure, and tone down the processing. I believe you’re shooting with the intent to “fix it in post”, which is a huge problem.


There are exactly two things you should consider when thinking of fixing something in post.


Levels (tonal range and contrast)


Work on your crops. That will help a lot. Do an experiment: Try to ONLY crop and adjust levels in post. Make an entire album doing ONLY those two things. Then, ask a photographer friend to crop and adjust some of the same images (without showing him your version) and compare. It will be a learning experience for both of you.


Edit: btw, I really liked the little kid sitting in the chair in the field. I only wish you had hidden the house in the background, stuck on the side of her head. You could’ve moved 4 inches to the left and hidden it behind her or the chair. That image had a lot of potential, but just missed the bullseye.