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I think you are asking us to compare apples and oranges.  It’s impossible to access wether you could “go pro” or not by looking at your art.  Have you been working on more marketable photography ie. portraiture or event photography behind the scenes?  If so, those are the photos we need to see, to give you any sort of pointers, CC or what not in this genre.

Kuddos to you for first shooting for yourself, and taking time to learn before opening up shop.  Thank you for living in the same realm of reality that I live in. OY!  so many dont live here with us.

With all that said.  I’m in the same boat, wanting to learn more marketable photography while enjoying my photography for photography’s sake.  I dont have a portfolio of my portraiture up on the web, but I do post some portraits for CC and or help with a tech problem.  I find photo.net to be really helpful when I need some CC and or advice or tech help with anything while giving myself photography lessons.  As far as art goes, it is what it is.  If it moves you fantastic, if it moves others…Well that’s even better.  Keep keepin on