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@ Sarah…I complement you on trying something new and trying to go for some effect that wasn’t produced by some plug-in or action is PS.

Besides the technical issues with the image, the one thing I saw that would steer me clear of using it for a wedding photo was that the person wearing the bluish shirt.  When shooting through the stained glass it imposed their shirt over the brides gown, to me it makes it look like she is a some sort of medical person wearing hospital scrubs.  That and the double face on the bride, just looks kind of creepy and weird.  Best to keep that image for your photoshop test bin.

You tried something and it just didn’t work the way you thought it would.

Like ebi said

You are iffy about AN image. And it’s not a good image

I love when people try something unconventional and take risks, it keeps you actively thinking, creative.  Some work, some don’t, but the good thing is you tried.