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I like your site overall.

Aside from perhaps fishing for compliments I think you already know most of your images are of great quality.  Composition on some may be more so topic of why you chose a particular shot but most of those I looked at appear reasonably good to great.  I do think your choice of images on your photo-booth page don’t do your work justice as the lighting and composition just don’t seem to show PRO like your other images do.  The shot on the right, you obviously have lighting setup but are way hot in front and drop off to a shadow the person in orange that even though the camera lens is not focused on is/should be of importance instead of just the back of someone’s head.  The shot on the left also has no “special” focus, just mean that if it were me I’d try to opt for a couple better images which you’re obviously capable of doing.


Overall I think  you have some really good stuff that’s certainly worth being paid for.