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Space heater, good idea.  Especially if you get one that can be a cooler in summer too.


That 24-70 lens.  Why?  because it is probably magnificent.  Why not?   Because f1.8 and f1.4 are more useful than f2.8 for focussing, though much less useful for portraits.  Because having 2 smaller primes includes redundancy, one can fail and you can still use the other.  Because you already have 50mm covered I believe, so need the long end much less in your smallish room.  (btw I suggested 2 lenses, but anticipated you only buying one of them.)  Because zooms rarely, if ever, give as good results as a prime in the same price range, or even much cheaper primes.  And there it is, my main misgiving – that 24-70 mil lens is 2,000 dollars.  That’s really splashing out at an early stage of the career path.  Buy it when the business has earned it, not before.   (I had a DTP business years ago, complete with a laser printer worth about 2500 dollars.  I gave really great product.  I sold about 1,000 dollars worth of product in the first year…  Lost more than that on reselling the printer at the end of the year, having learned that I was a poor businessman.)


You are using the biz to subsidise your dreams.  If that lens is the dream, and you can afford it, buy it.  But…  2k dolares! Ai caramba!!