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The warmer the better, actually.  I had to use a space heater and mom with a hair dryer on low to keep baby warm so her skin didn’t get all mottled looking.  So some of those items you showed were reasonable.  I don’t see why I can’t have a little of both, but not to use at the same time.

There’s warm = heat, and warm = light.  Incandescent bulbs throw heat, and usually warm (orange) light.  Some LED lights can be adjusted to different colour temperatures, but they don’t throw any heat to keep you warm. Halogen work lamps from Home Depot or Lowes have a brighter whiter light, but throw a lot of heat that warms the room.  Continuous lights come in incandescent and daylight balanced fluorescent flavours, so some will warm the room while others will not.  Nikon, Canon, and most other strobes, including studio strobes, have a light that is close to daylight temperature.   You can balance the light from strobes with incandescent room lights by putting CTO gels over the strobes which will make them orange like the room lights.  You can also get 1/2 CTO gel if full CTO is too strong.  If you gel the flash and have some light from room lamps contributing, you set white balance to incandescent and the resulting picture looks like it was taken in daylight, or with flash, instead of being orange.

A space heater, or adjusting the thermostat, is probably a better bet than relying on lights to keep your subject warm.  You can turn off, or turn down, the heat for summer if you are using heaters.  If lights are providing the heat, they can be a problem in summer.