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Thanks Cameraclicker – I definitely want to go.  I think I’ve been to the IC before.  I’ve also been known to take photos with my kids on Dixie when the planes lift off the end of the runway.  I’ll stop in at Henry’s today and see what they can do.

Bagga- thanks for doing all that legwork.  I will look into the lighting stuff for sure.  I do still use the D90 because changing lenses mid-anything is frustrating.  I always miss something good.
My shopping/wish list includes
Tripod ( I have a super crappy one, and a monopod with no head)
I was thinking this lens:  http://en.nikon.ca/Nikon-Products/Product/Camera-Lenses/2164/AF-S-NIKKOR-24-70mm-f%252F2.8G-ED.html  ( I know you mention a couple prime portrait lenses, but I thought I should have something that fits the range between my wide angle and my 70-200.  Let me know why or why not?)
More lighting – I guess another speed light is in order.  I am partial to getting the same kind as I have. (which has more to it than I’ve learned yet.)  Mostly because it works really well as a slave without having even bought a wireless trigger yet.  It’s sensitive enough indoors that I don’t even have to keep it in front of the camera.  Haven’t tried outdoors yet; bet I’ll need them then.  I will check out the one you linked for me too.
I like the idea of the continuous lighting for the babies and small kids.  The warmer the better, actually.  I had to use a space heater and mom with a hair dryer on low to keep baby warm so her skin didn’t get all mottled looking.  So some of those items you showed were reasonable.  I don’t see why I can’t have a little of both, but not to use at the same time.
Oh, and battery grips for both cameras.
I’m sure the list will grow by days end.

 thank you 🙂