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No hurt caused whatsoever.  I LOVE that you took the time out of your day to talk to me.  Well, I may be a little hurt over the dog/tutu comment.  Those pug girls of mine are well paid with high end doggie treats!  They didn’t mind dressing up at all.  If I had a male pug, he might have been put in a leotard.  With a codpiece, of course, to save him from any embarrassment.  LOL  ( You now have that image etched into your mind for the remainder of the day. You’re welcome)

Equipment.  I started in 2009 with a refurbed Nikon D90, kit lens and a new Nikon 70-200 2.8 VR (at the time I was given a chunk of money and knew I wouldn’t soon be able to afford better glass, so I chose less of a body and more of a lens)  Filters for the lenses, but have only really used the clear one for protection and the circular polarizer for competitive swimming photos.
over time:
50 mm 1: 1.4
16-35mm 1:4
Nikon D800E
1 good speed light, 1 umbrella,  a 5/1 reflector, backdrop stand with a couple backdrops and a roll of black paper

The room I have available to me is even too small to use my 50 mm except babies and seated poses.  I can’t bring anyone far enough away from the backdrop to keep light from falling on it when I want it nice and black.

I use a recent version of Lightroom and have Elements 10, which I’m trying to learn compositing with.  Yes, I use RAW.

I know I need more light sources but hesitate to purchase because I’m not sure what to get / learn.  I like the idea of boxes that area always lit.  Maybe you all can give advice in this direction.   I use my speed light off camera and manual settings for now.

Gosh theres so much to answer from above!  Next – Girl in Hat.  My cousin.  There’s an album on the Facebook link of other pics I took of her that day.  1 flash, 1 reflector.  I thought the same about the one-eye stare.  I did not get one with a hint of the other eye with that pose.   I took a ton of pics, but she was shy and awkward, so there’s only a few where she let me see her real self.

@ Bagga – Must I choose a favourite?  I’ll tell you what I don’t want to take photos of.  Car races.  Although I have…  I like people, I like nature and displays of light that others don’t notice.  I’m the person who takes a photo of a beautiful misty morning on the street, even though its garbage day.  I know that won’t pay, but I can’t help but like it.  VIEWBUG, yes it was free.  I thought people might say they like something, and take away some critique.  Noooo… everyone gushes over everything to get others to add and gush over theirs.  There is a lot of enviable photos on the site though.  I love browsing.  (and Thank you for the compliment in your last post.  I wish I had started decades ago too.   If I get rich (lmao) i’ll send you a good bottle of scotch.  Rich means I have to pay off existing debts!

@ Nesgran – you’re a bit tougher, but I appreciate it.  The fact that you said my work may be good enough for a photographer to choose me as a 2nd is a compliment. Thank you.  I will do more free work to fill my portfolio and keep practicing.

@ Worst Case – I’ll never take a dog in tutu pic ever again in my life I swear… if you take one of yourself in a tutu and post it on this thread.  I promise!