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I agree with everything that’s been said, including Camera Clicker… I’m sure you do as well.  Confused yet?  Look, this is only a decision you yourself can make.  Try to use your head instead of your heart when thinking of going into business.  Read those links I gave you and really be honest about your bottom line.

My family and friends think I am fabulous, and I’m wasting my talent by not being for hire.  (pisses me off to no end)  But, each and every time someone says something like “Why aren’t you in business?  why don’t you start doing sessions for money?” and the conversation gets started they always say “I’d pay you” until they find out how much they would be charged for me to stay afloat and make it all worth my while, then I get “But, so and so only charges such and such”  Well… so and so will be out of business before they even get started if they keep it up, and I guarantee they have to spend gobs more on their photography than I do.  They are most likely losing money by being in business.  Why would I work part time to go in debt, or make just pennies?  Don’t you think what I do is worth more than just minimum wage?  Would YOU take a job making less than minimum?  So the truth is, they don’t really think I am good enough, or value my photography as much as they say they do.  They mean well but don’t see the whole picture.  They see my work as worth a $100 session fee, or less.  I can’t do that and have it work in my favor.  I either have to step up my game, and completely WOW people so I can get the amount of money I need to make it work, and successfully compete against the other photographers who are cheaper than me, that haven’t spent the time to figure out how to be profitable,  or continue to be happy shooting whatever, whomever, whenever I want to.  Shooting for the love of it wins out every time over shooting for hire.  But, that’s me, and my decision.

Nope, you don’t have anything in your port that is worthy of being featured on the YANAP page YAY!  but… When you take away the shots you made just for fun, and only leave what could be used to make money by being for hire it’s a little bare… you have a lot more to think about than just your skills.  Good luck to you, whatever you decide, I hope it’s the right decision for you and makes you happy, and makes you want to keep shooting and learning.