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At least we can agree, JJ. It is definitely not in your capacity to say the right things.


You: “shoot raw. new equipment eliminates the need for old light modifiers with great dynamic range.”

Me: “uhm, no, idiot. new equipment has barely reached that of film, and those modifiers are for film as it is.”


You’re the only one getting your panties in a knot trying to prove the unprovable by being an ass. Nobody else is having hysterical fits but you.

Watching you squirm like you have a load in your diaper is entertaining for about 2 seconds, but now you’re just boring and pathetic. Not only do you demonstrate little technical knowledge in your posts, but I don’t think anyone here cares what you say. In the course of 3 days, you’ve already blown your credibility.


Time for a new handle, troll.