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I wouldn’t change a thing, stay true to who you are.  I get looks or people telling me that I was too forward or direct at times.  How the hell am I supposed to be?  I don’t criticize to hurt, but hopefully to help.  If they can’t take an honest critique, then they need to really grow up and get a pair.

Went on a group photo trip last weekend and took a fellow friend photographer for the ride and to help him get some different shots to fill his portfolio.  We talked on the way, and there was one thing I said to him that he said was the best advice anyone has ever told him.

I said:

You got to have a thick skin in this business and any business.  In photography, everyone is going to tell you how they would have composed the shot you took and offer their advice to “make it better.”  Listen to their advice, don’t listen to their advice, it’s up to you.   Learn to filter out what is noise and what is actually truly helpful advice.  Don’t get too full of yourself, don’t be a douchebag, but especially don’t let people beat you down, prove them wrong by doing better.

There was more but I don’t want to bore you guys, it was a 2 hour drive to our destination.

I Love Fauxtography, I mean IHF, it sounds like you’re venting and that’s cool, but don’t change.  I like seeing the regulars like you dish out some true helpful advice instead of fluff praise you get everywhere else.

I mean truly, how does one improve when everyone tells them their stuff is awesome or great when it is anything but?