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Don, I’m with you… how fun would it be to

“OH!  WOW!  How I love selective color!  Look how it made their eyes just pop right out and grab hold of you.  AND I love the way you kind of colored outside the lines, and how you used blur to convey.  It’s so brave and rebellious.  I don’t even have words to describe how amazing this picture is.  If your clients don’t by a 30×20 of this to hang in their home they’re crazy!”


“I love how dark this image is.  It’s difficult to make out the faces in the photo, and that adds some very artistic mystery to the photo.  I’m unsure of what this event was that you were capturing, but you did wonderfully.  I bet your clients just raved over it.  We all get self conscious in front of a camera, but the way you shot this, leaves out all the details that make us squirm when we see ourselves in photos, and just as simply as possible, depicts the memory of this family being all together.  Just lovely”

You are AMAZING at photography!

UGH!  So tempting… yet…. I just can’t make myself be that cruel