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Anne Murray told a story during an interview many years ago.  If memory serves:  She was riding in a car with her aunt and was singing.  Her aunt said she sounded wonderful, and that inspired her to go on to take music lessons and eventually become a Grammy winning singer.  Sometime later, after she was a star, she discovered her aunt was tone deaf!

Perhaps that’s the exception?  Once inspired, Murray took 6 years of piano lessons and at 15 years old, started voice lessons.

I suspect a lot of the current educational system’s emphasis on not harming the child’s delicate psyche and the focus on not criticizing children or giving them failing grades leads to our current situation of everyone feeling entitled to constant praise regardless of performance.

There are lots of social photography sites, most of them prefer nice, fluffy, uplifting comments rather than honesty.  That makes this site refreshing.  Like Bill, I think your comments here have been insightful and worth reading.  I like you as you are.