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Unfortunately the OP eventually deleted her post so one else could read it and learn from it.
But basically it boils down to getting your user manual out, opening up to the section that covers focus, and learning what all the AF settings mean, and what they can do for you in any giving situation.  Practice with them, and learn how to nail it.
(The consensus was, after viewing the image, that it looked as though she were letting the camera auto select. The focus fell almost dead center.  Which in turn made it fall just in front of the subjects face). In this case letting the camera select didn’t work very well.


Learn how to select your focus

Couple more links you might find helpful



Develop a good understanding of depth of focus, or depth of field by experimenting with focal distance and aperture.

Understanding Depth of Field in Photography

Then move on to learn more advanced focusing techniques like

Back Button Focusing – Easier than you think!

I explained to her that she didn’t need clients to learn any of the basics of photography, including focus.  I learned how to focus with my camera by working with my manual, stuffed toys, my vacuum, and then eventually my kids and some friends.  My photos were not about the content at all, and all about learning focus, and learning my camera.
I think THATS where it became “mean” and “bullying”, suggesting she wait to start up until she had how to focus her camera down (eye roll).

“I know how to focus!  To suggest otherwise” blah blah blah

 Hope that helped you some 🙂