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COOL! Thanks for the feedback. Obviously as the thread states I do not consider myself a photagrapher :p This stuff is pretty much filler on a bare bones website. I did crop the rainbow pic I had to rush the set up before tourists got into the shot. The gerbil pics were the first thing I shot sans a polarizer  I just thought they were funny pictures. Ummm… Gulfoss was lens whacked to get rid of the tourists. I never thought about telling a story that was really good feedback. I always thought shooting raw was just to be able to modify pics afterwards? good to know thanks for that. Basically I think you can tell I am not really proud of these pictures but thought this site would give me some useful tips as I begin to take photography a bit more seriously. I figure it will stay like this for a bit till I get more film stuff done I got 5 rolls of B & W stuff that needs developing nobody near me does it, I’ll probly do it myself. I hope you might think I have a bit of potential? I will repost here when a proper portfolio is ready on my site. Thanks again! If anybody else wants to keep slamming me go for it. I only have old nikon prime lenses so hopefully I can get a good modern lens to facilitate more candid shots while out and about.

P.S You can buy prints for 100 dollars a piece!  🙂