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Also does anyone else here not believe in using photoshop? I am not trying to belittle people who do I just am not into it.


The first digital Nikon I purchased came with a Photoshop Elements CD.  Except the Canon digital I just purchased, all have come with CD’s.  This time, new this year, you go to Canon’s web page and enter your serial number, then you can download the software.

If you are using “Photoshop” to identify Adobe Photoshop, then Canon agrees completely since they firmly believe Canon owners should use Canon software instead of Adobe software, so much so, they include it.  Nikon are only marginally less adamant since it appears NX2 ships with some cameras, if not all of them.  If on the other hand, you are using “Photoshop” in place of “photo editing software”, then manufacturers do not agree with you and most knowledgeable photographers may not as well.

Cameras run photo editing software.  They use it to provide the JPEG files.  Via configuration menus in your camera, you have limited control over how the editing software performs. Once you have the output, you can edit further if desired.  This method leaves all the major decisions up to the software, which throws away over 90% of the sensor data before you get control of the photo.

If you shoot raw files, the camera just reads sensor data and packages that into the file.  It is up to you to convert the file and make adjustments as required.  You can use software from the camera manufacturer, Photoshop, or a host of other packages to achieve this, but you won’t be able to share pictures until you use something.  This gives you the most control over how your photo looks.