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I had a good look through the photos.

One question – what story are you trying to tell with these images?

In the mouse shots, neither subject is in focus and the light seems to be from straight above with glare off the Jorde Laforge statue (I guess to cancel the shadows?) but remember that photography is meany times an interplay of lighting and shadows to create character.

The 2 train shots – I get what you were trying to do, but the eye is drawn to the overpowering horizontal blur of the train. Unflattering to the subjects.

Nothing is in focus in the puppet shot.

In the Gulfoss image, it looks like you applied some gradiant blur going from the middle towards the sides. The very bottom center the least out of focus, but I don’t see a focal point here…

The rainbow shot is tilted 5-8 degrees of so counter clockwise. It appears your hiked up the curves in post also. Again, not seeing a focal point that’s drawing me in.

Overall, I’m just not sure what your goal was with any of these images…? Maybe some background on each could help?