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Not bad.  That upickem site has some really good photos, and some that aren’t.  Your photo could easily be improved by careful cropping and a little selective sharpening.  I would crop it to a more vertical orientation to get rid of both sides.  Really, to make it look more like the photo on the lion’s page:  http://www.conservatorscenter.org/about/our-residents/lions/ra-lion/

If you were to practice the skills your course outline suggests you are learning, I would say try out replacing the blue/green triangle by his left ear with something much darker and more neutral.  I would try changing out the whole background above the grass; five minutes, give or take, with Photoshop.  Cropping should get rid of the foreground wood, and that little bit of shadow at lower left.  If it had been shot a little wider, the top of his hair could be included, but as with people’s portraits, it’s optional.

Try out a few different backgrounds, different crops, different degrees of sharpening, and so on.  Practice, practice, practice, then practice more.  Look at your work critically.  I don’t think you have to worry about being featured on the front page here.