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We always advertised the “rule” as “Speed, Quality, Low Cost — pick any two”.  I have no problem giving you Speed, Reliability and Low Cost.  In an hour I can write a program for you that will run quickly and crash reliably.   😉

I picked up DXO Optics Pro 9 Elite last weekend because I wanted a raw converter that could deal with files from my wife’s Canon G16, as I was not getting desired results from DPP.  I got the Elite version because I wanted it to work with my full frame bodies too.  I have only used it on a couple of dozen photos and am still trying to work out how to get the most from the program.  There are two noise modes, High and Prime.  Output can be sent to a DNG file which drops into ACR, which is convenient.  High noise conversion takes seconds.  Prime noise conversion takes minutes, and pegs all cores at 100%  CPU usage for most of the processing.  Memory consumption has only been running around 5 to 6.5 GB.  Sometimes I get a perfect image.  Sometimes it is all smudged.  Brighter images seem to work better.  Or, I still haven’t found the right combination of the sliders for those images.

DXO has another trick.  It is the best perspective correction software I have seen!  It’s also pretty easy to use.  They have a separate package, but a basic version is in DXO Optics Pro and it is enough to fix a photo like the cathederal.  You can fix perspective in ACR and in Photoshop, but it is definitely easier and quicker in DXO Optics Pro.