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I actually hate editing, I think it is an over used tool in a lot of photography. The color selection thing is atrocious to me.

Editing became a lot easier with digital.  It lets you do things like this


which would be a real pain in a wet darkroom.  White balance is treated two different ways and then blended.  The picture is still alright with a single white balance but it looks more like what the eye sees when done like this.

I looked up “Digital Workflow Certificate” and was amazed by the cost!  Much, if not all, of the information that makes up the course is available for free from the Internet and some of the manufacturers.  The benefit of the course is that it gets the material all together in an organized manner.   For what it’s worth, the certificate might get you in the door for an interview, but you won’t last unless you actually know the material.  If you want to strike out on your own, pay close attention to the sales, marketing and general business sections of the course.

If you feel we are too mean, you could try out your local photography club, or even some of the on-line clubs.  Take part in the competitions.  If you win reasonably often, you can argue you are doing well.  If you are not winning, you might come here to ask why.