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“After seeing the DKlemms posts I am concerned about the critiques I get”Unfortunately, you should be. My friend that I discussed above gets fabulous critiques and grades, even when she completely misses the mark and her work doesn’t fit the assignment. Shes a 4.0. She’s been attending for almost a year now and I see very little to no improvement. She went in without a complete understanding of her equipment and the basics, and it looks as though she will be leaving without it as well. Her assignments are more like photography prompts like “use color to convey feeling” or “show us what the world will look like in 3000” or “give an example of realism” are fun and sometimes “difficult” but not technical at all in nature. She just finished a lighting class or studio class of sorts and… Well they were all lit. No Rembrandt, no broad/short, no butterfly, no low key/high key, no hair lights, no catch lights, no experimentation or “I learned high key today” etc just yep, they were lit. As if there were no instruction at all. She still is having happy accidents without understanding the why behind it. “Ohhhh I love the way this one turned out!”.She claims all the time that she is learning so much, but it’s not showing. In fact now that she has dived into more editing… I almost think she’s gotten worse. At least at first she was posting decent snapshots, now they are snapshots with effects and actions applied. I’m so worried because her confidence level has risen quite high and soon she’s going to start seriously “networking” and could easily be featured here.And before it gets brought up… She doesn’t ask me to critique anymore, and has left groups and forums that are “mean”. She’s bound and determined to believe the critiques given at school and on Facebook by her friends. This degree is supposed to “set her apart from all the fauxtographers” and instead I’m afraid it’s turning her into one.Credit transfers are only important when someone is going for a degree. Let’s say you are going for a BA or even an associates, and you move or change schools because you feel their program suits you…Not gonna happen unless you start completely over or continue at an AI school. Nothing like still paying for credits that don’t even exists while you try to start over at a school that’s actually accredited, and not just claiming to be.I have no idea what certification you are going for, but it may not be accepted out there in the real world for a job or towards any further schooling.